Tuesday, October 31, 2006

FLAWLESS VICTORY ("Awwwh! Tssssss! Gaaaaaaaaaah! Tsssssss!")

Pitting your favorite Family Guy characters against your favorite (or, rather: "favorite?") American Dad characters! I dare you to.....


Sure, it's to help you buy the two sets of DVDs -- but it's brilliant marketing, particularly since I'd rather play Family Guy vs. American Dad Kung-Fu than Mortal Kombat: Armageddagabon. (Wait -- is Liu Kang a zombie now? I say we kontact the koroner -- I'm kalling for a full-scale investigation, including a tox-screen for that pufferfish poison.)

[UPDATE: Wow -- Turbo Hyper Mega Edition! Click it -- same great link, new great game, now with included Steve and Brian, as well as unlockable Francine and Meg characters.]

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