Thursday, October 26, 2006

Me and My Angst (Gettin' Goddy With It)

I'm supposed to be working right now, but today is so blah that it's too hard to focus. I'm blazing new trails and have the digital cable music system set to "Smooth Jazz". (I know -- I'm a wild man. But when you realize it's normally on "80's" or "Show Tunes" you realize how out of the zone "Smooth Jazz" is.) It's just a rainy, smooth jazzy day.

Brenda has started a new blog to help envision the future of the Later @ St. Luke's community. The work that she and others are doing to lead the discussion about where we're heading and what it'll look like is very exciting -- for Later and for our entire congregation. I'm eager to see where the group's mix of Christ-centered faith, forward-looking techno-savvy and enthusiastic teamwork will end up.

Planning for the Africa trip is in full-swing. Looks like I'll be bumped up from second-string story-teller into the big leagues, now that our dear friend Rosemary Brown is unable to join us for the trip. I talked with Don and Marilyn yesterday and learned more about what I, specifically, will be doing to contribute to the mission of the group. In addition to helping with the children's peace activities in Liberia, I'll be working in Sierra Leone to learn about the needs of our friends in Jaiama, so I can come back and share their struggles and their joys. You know, so many of the others on the work team have actual skills (medical/pharmacy training, construction background, counseling experience, etc.), and I felt intimidated that I don't have any real-time applicable skills to speak of that might translate into an effective contribution over there. Now, I'm really excited about the opportunity to use the gifts that God gave me to communicate the need by articulating a clear vision and enrolling individuals and families to help us realize that vision. I've still got about $1,800 to raise, but I'm doing my part and trusting God with the heavy lifting to get me over there. (Insert self-deprecating "heavy lifting" joke here.)

My prayer is that God will allow us to see how we can work together in loving support to reach our shared and individual dreams for the future. I am grateful for opportunities and friendships that have powered me into the place where I am today, and I continue to give thanks as I seek out new opportunities and friendships to advance my personal mission and to realize God's purpose for me.


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