Friday, October 27, 2006

What's more than "morbidly" obese?

I am not joking: Fried Coke Balls. That's what that is in the picture below.

Deep-fried, cola-flavored donut-batter bombs, served in a cup, like at least a dozen at a time, drizzled with more cola syrup and whipped cream and cinnamon sugar.

All I'm saying is that they're going to need to invent a new category beyond "morbidly" obese. (Kyle: "Fat ass?" Stan: "Super-fat ass?") [UPDATE: The technically correct phrase is "Super Obese," so South Park blazes the trail yet again. UPDATE UPDATE: There's also this respected doctor who coined the special technical term, "Super-Duper Obese."]

The careful reader will note that next year's fair fare will include Fried Diet Coke, in case you're watching your girlish figure.

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