Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democracy, she is a fickle mistress

Mere seconds after my last post, I went through the mail from yesterday and discovered...dun dun DUN!...a juror questionnaire from the nice folks at the Hamilton County courthouse. Not a summons, mind you, but a questionnaire. The questionnaire is like the pre-screen...later, I might get the summons for jury duty. But they don't even give you any wiggle room in the questions to make yourself unappealing to the jury selectors. All they really ask is...

Am I over 18?
Well, yes, you fools -- you got my info from the voter registration rolls. (Strangely, "Yes, you fools" was not a choice, so I simply checked "Yes.")

Am I a resident of Hamilton County?
Most of the time, I'm cool with living in Hamilton County. But in this case, I checked the box marked, "Sadly, yes."

Am I in the Department of Corrections, or have my voting rights been otherwise revoked?
"No." (But intriguing...other than felony-committing-ness, how might one's voting rights be revoked? Is this part of the Patriot Act that we haven't yet seen in action?)

In the Remarks section, I considered including a crazy diatribe about the Second Amendment (either way, pro or con) or making up a history of mental illness that might disqualify me, but I -- I chose the road less perjured, and that has made all the difference. Seemed the safer bet, at least.


K.T. said...

I realize I am dipping into way back land in my systematic reading of the archives, but....I actually served on a jury once and found it to be very educational. Not all that stuff you hear people complain of. I think the only people who complain are the ones who have to go to the courthouse and wait, wait, wait...but never get picked.

If you are actually chosen for the jury, it really is a service and a learning experience.

It's not all Law and Order at the real courthouse.

I can't wait to see whether or not you got chosen.

SSS said...

Haha, oops -- I don't know if I ever updated this...I got chosen for jury duty, but I was to appear for selection the Monday after I started at Broadway. So I called the bailiff and got a waiver, with the understanding that they could put me back in the jury pool after my three-month probationary period. But shortly after I was re-eligible to be called, I moved out of Hamilton County, so I haven't been re-summoned.

I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop here in Marion County...