Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dixie Chicks: "Shut up and Sing" Trailer

I've always enjoyed the Chicks, and I will likely see this film.

The uproar over Natalie Maines's remarks reminds me a lot of the uproar of John Kerry's "Do your homework or you'll end up stuck in Iraq" remark. Everybody knows it's no big thing, but the Republicans make it into a big thing, and then Americans (who, as a nation, tend NOT to do their homework) eat it up.

Shut up and sing, Dixie Chicks. Go back to France, John Kerry. Sorry about your rights, gay people. Go back to Mexico, immigrants.

All I'm saying is that if we each liked ourselves a little bit more, maybe it would be easier to like other people.


Jon said...

Just a note about the Dixie Chicks. I have so far been to 3 Coyotes games in Phoenix this season. The Chicks have a concert coming up soon at the newly-named " Arena" (what a horrible naming-rights agreement) and they play short promos for the concert between periods. Every time they play the promo there is always a fairly substantial chorus of boos from the crowd. I am shocked that one little off-hand comment caused them to be so vehemently vilified. We're a nation of lemmings.

SSS said...
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SSS said...

Yay! A comment!

(My very first. I feel validated, affirmed, and altogether worthy.)

And, let me add: I am disappointed, though not at all surprised, to hear that the Dixie Chicks hate still lingers, even after these years.

Of course, to this day, whenever my dad sees Stacey Keach, his verbal response is, "Drug-head creep". I'm pretty sure Stacey Keach was last arrested for drug use in the mid-80s. But, you know, whatever... :)

The lemmings will be with us forever...can't we figure out a way to exploit them (us)?