Saturday, November 11, 2006

Event Honors Discovery of Alzheimer's

The literally dozens of readers who made it to page 23 of the Carmel Star (and the Fishers Star and other local-insert versions of the Indy Star) were treated to this image this morning over coffee and scrambled eggs.

We're famous, you guys!

Click it to make it bigger. And big thanks to all who participated. I think this is awesome!

[UPDATE: The Carmel Star put us on page 23, but if you got the Hamilton AM insert to your Indy Star, we were on the insert's front page!]


Anonymous said...

This is not one of our finest pictures, but hey, we're famous! May I have a copy for my scrapbook? :)

SSS said...

Agreed about the picture.

And absolutely, you may have a copy! I'll bring one the next time I see you -- either birthday weekend or Vegas Thanksgiving.