Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Faith Hill is awesome.

The country diva is pissed.

Unless instead of "WHAT?!" she's actually saying, "Way to go, Carrie Underwood! I've always believed in you! I think you are the one who deserved to win, and I'm just so proud of you!"


Anonymous said...

That is SO awesome! Now she's saying it was just a joke, but it sure didn't look like a joke to me. I still love her though, I mean she just did what everyone else is doing in their head when they lose one of those.

SSS said...

I actually believe that it was a joke.

The thing that sucks for her, in terms of the comedy execution, is that as soon as it was clear she didn't win, the camera panned away from her. So she didn't have the opportunity to deliver the punchline, per se.

I've been a Faith Hill fan since IU, and she's always struck me as a real class act. I think it was just poorly timed.

Of course, it didn't stop me from fueling the fire! That's all I'm saying.