Friday, November 03, 2006

Funny Outakes from Connecting With Carmel

By "popular" "demand" I present "funny" outtakes from Connecting with Carmel, our local community affairs program -- which, I've just learned, is "Carmel's premier monthly magazine show." (If by "premier" you mean "only.")

Those new to CwC can catch up by clicking here and scrolling down past Arbor Day 2006 ("Arbor Day? What a Day!") to Connecting With Carmel -- October 2006. Or dive further into the past, if you dare.

The show features Jeff and Stephanie (hereafter referred to as Jeffanie because they are interchangeably lame), your hosts through the magical world of Carmel government, business, and cultural happenings...

  • Watch as Jeffanie suckerviews Boss 'Nard on his bajillion-dollar development plans!
  • Thrill as Jeffanie tosses it over to zombie-with-80's-hair-I-mean-Carmel-Director-of-Community-Relations-Nancy-Heck who will teach you how to use this new thing called the interwebotron or something!
  • Gag as Jeffanie profiles Carmel volunteers and reminds us, with dazzling props costing upwards of 30 cents, that "Volunteers Are #1!"
  • And enjoy the "bloopers" below -- sadly, the finished product is not much better. Tough to tell where the final cut ends and the bloopers begin...

All I'm saying is that I love my Carmel and I love my TV, but sometimes two things you love just don't go together in the way you dreamed they might.

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