Saturday, November 18, 2006

Great Expectations

Life is so good. There's great stuff in the works in my life right now. To wit:

  • I'm heading to Las Vegas in four days. I've actually been looking online at the description of Let It Ride, and it's possible that I may, in fact, follow Jon's lead and let it ride (whatever it is). The game seems like nice, entry-level entertainment, and I'm thinking it's time to do more than just drop coins in a slot machine. At the very least we'll hit The Price Is Right -- Live and be up for some fun pricing games. We're staying at the Stratosphere, and I'm the first one of the five of us arriving, so I might spend some of my waiting time at the Strat's Roni Josef spa. I also have to head to the MGM Grand at some point to get my mom's jewelry bag that she left in the safe when she and my dad were there last week -- and I might kill some time at the Lion Habitat there. And I get to go to Coyote Ugly to get my bro a replacement t-shirt for one that fell victim to a tragic laundry accident. Might wait for the boys to join me for that mission, though.

  • I'm up for a position at Broadway United Methodist Church in Indianapolis -- I'm interviewing the Monday after Thanksgiving to serve as their director of development. It's an ambitious role in a faith community that could also be described as ambitious. Check out their website, click over to the blogs they link to, and you'll know why this looks like such a great place to work. I would be honored to serve as one of the leaders in that congregation. It's quite a bit different from St. Luke's -- much smaller, more mission-driven, located in a way more urban setting -- and I'd love to contribute to their vision. They're actually walking the walk that we've just begun to talk about at St. Luke's.

  • Jon, Mike and I are submitting our application to be a team on VH1's World Series of Pop Culture. We're calling ourselves The Riegel Beagles. Originally we were The Regal Beagles, after the pub on Three's Company, but when we heard about the recent tornado in North Carolina and how it destroyed a town called Riegelwood (pronounced "regal-wood"), we switched to the Riegel spelling, and committed to donating 10% of our winnings (assuming we win anything!) to help rebuild Riegelwood.

  • The trip to West Africa (Liberia and Sierra Leone) is about six weeks away! We had another orientation meeting last night, and we're down to the nitty gritty. Making serious plans about who's in charge of the suitcases, who's in charge of lunch or devotions on which day, etc. (I know.) I'm going to be the music leader for the trip (I know.), which will entail brushing up on guitar and creating a songbook for our team to use. I'm also going to be interviewing a lot of students and faculty at the remote school where we're going, so we can come back and tell the story to other United Methodist churches in our district (about 60 churches between Indy and Terre Haute). We hope to be able to support the scholarships, supply needs, and capital projects for the 400 students at Jaiama Secondary School, which is in the Middle of Nowhere, Sierra Leone.

So, despite missing Nat's Bucca di Birthday this afternoon, I'm flyin' high!

Wish me luck! (And luck!) (And luck!) (And...luck!)

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