Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nobody's Watching Neil Diamond Sing While This Guy Gets Hit In The Crotch

I am an excellent sleeper. Like I excel, quantifiably, at sleep: anywhere, any time, any place. I'm good at closing my eyes and going to Dreamland.

Except for tonight.

It's 5:00 a.m. as I start to write this. I have been up since 2:30.

Without getting all "Dear Diary" on you, there's a lot on my heart right now that's keeping me awake. So to deal with that, friendly loyal viewers, I shall seek out the finest in YouTubery for your, and my, entertainment. For example, you may have seen the OK Go video with's a nice (short) remake from the guys at Nobody's Watching:

This one is also from Nobody's Watching -- a take on the now-classic Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon:

And finally, for your viewing pleasure, I provide the strangest :18-second Neil-Diamond-soundtracked video I've ever seen:

And now, having exhausted myself and you, I'm going to buy another ticket to Dreamland and see if I can get some sleep before waking up to go to work in an hour and a half.

Night night!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Re: Neil Diamond Clip

Why? Seesly. Why?

I think I'm more upset that they befouled Neil than I am about the nitwit that allowed that to happen to him. My guess: Beer Pong was invovled shortly before this.