Monday, November 06, 2006

Slacklining Kit -- Me Definitely Wanty!

Oh. Em. Jee.

I want this, you guys.

It's only 35 Euros, which is only US$44.5207 (as of right this moment).

For anyone keeping track, this would make an excellent Chrismuhanukwanzakkah gift for me. You can get it for me here: I love the disclaimer under What is less good with the Bugs Balance Slackline Kit?
It is not made for rigging over waterfalls or canyons - It is made as a recreational toy to be used on low altitude over ground. If you want to cross the Niagara Falls* you can train your balance in the park with a Bugs Balance Slackline Kit but then you will have to buy more expensive, sofisticated equipment.**

* Yes, that's "the Niagara Falls".
** And yes, that is "sofisticated".

So, anyway, sofisticated dreams of the Niagara Falls or no sofisticated dreams of the Niagara Falls, this would probably also be a good go-along gift.

And I make no guarantees that I will not all of a sudden stahrt speakhing with a vague Euhrohpeahn ahccehnt. Bork! Bork! Bork!


Anonymous said...

You'll shoot your eye out.

Jon said...

Um. Yeah. That looks like so much fun. I can't wait for mine to come in the mail. Woo Hoo.

SSS said...

But, Jon, think of all the possibilities! You can stand there, balancing! Or you can walk a few feet! Or you can stand there -- BALANCING!

Actually, I'm thinking this would be a fun thing to take to the Middle of Nowhere, West Africa, in January. Something fun to try with the kids at the school we're rebuilding while we're not rebuilding.

Anonymous said...

You need a hobby. Or a girl. Or a hobby.

SSS said...


Either "You'll shoot your eye out." or "You need a hobby. Or a girl. Or a hobby." would make an excellent title for this blog. ~S