Sunday, November 19, 2006

Very Much Insane In The Brain

This is Insanity, one of the rides at the top of the Strat.

Am I the only one dumb enough to consider actually paying almost $20 (I think $10 to get to the top of the tower and I think $8 for the ride itself) to do this? 900 feet over the City of Las Vegas? That's pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...

Nah...looks like fun. Great view!

Jon said...

FYI, since we're staying at the Strat we get free trips up the tower during certain hours. So we'd only have to pay for the ride itself (which I will do with you).

Anonymous said...

Since I prefer not to pee and puke on myself at the same time, in public, 900 feet in the air....I must decline.


SSS said...

I completely forgot about this opportunity until I got Jon's text message on Saturday, saying, "Did you want to go up in the tower?" Unfortunately, I didn't get the message until you guys were all eating lunch at the diner, and we had TPIR to get to.