Sunday, December 03, 2006

Operation Classroom -- January 2007

If I haven't mentioned it, I've set up an Africablog.

So far, it's mostly background and fundraising pleas. I'm going to use it as a tool in my last-ditch effort to get the thousand dollars or so remaining toward the $3,500 trip.

[Aside: Don't you love the anonymous Starvin'-Marvin-esque youngster whose image I've co-opted for my own evil fundraising genius? How do you say "Brilliant!" in that African clicking language?]

However, comma:

Even if you (circle one: can't/don't want to) donate, head on over and check out what's up in Sierra Leone and Liberia. This blog will, of course, be off-line whilst I'm on The Dark Continent. (They started calling it that back in the 1500s because of the intermittent internet access. And also because it remained unexplored for a long time. Or because of the preponderance of Black people. Whatever, racists.)

Anyhoo -- over at the ol' Africablog, you'll see a cool countdown clock at the top that freaks me the heck out because it tells me I'm going to be leaving in 31 days. Hachi machi -- that is SOON, yo!

I know the trip is going to be a blast, and we're going to do some good -- and we'll be equipped to do even more good on our return. But prayers, positive thoughts, grooving vibes, peace signs, smoke signals, sucess spells, whatever fits your personal faith profile will be greatly appreciated.

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