Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From Dolphin Savior to Newlywed

Friends, I have great news...

Bao Xishun, previously best known as both The World's Tallest Man and also The World's Tallest Getter Of Things Out Of Dolphins' Stomachs, is married!

The 56-year-old herdsman married a 29-year-old saleswoman -- he's 7' 9" tall, she's 5' 6" -- after apparently conducting a worldwide search for the perfect bride. Turns out she was in his back yard the whole time: they're both from Chifeng in Inner Mongolia. Much like car keys and the remote control, the perfect bride is always in the last place you look...


This story has led me to reflect on previous posts, and it kind of helps me make sense of my popularity in Asia...I wonder if Chungdu and Jinan and all the others are in Inner Mongolia.

Maybe my previous posting of the dolphin-tummy story is what attracted all that hot Asian action? (Now what kind of hits will Google generate for this site? Sorry to disappoint, Google-visitors!)

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