Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's like going to Kenya for safari, but more white and with slightly more frequently occurring running water.

Let's go gawkin' now / everybody's learnin' how / come on a safari with me...

A church leadership commitment led me today to Willow Pond Retreat in Very Southern Indiana -- specifically, the part of the state that would best be described as the area nearest Oakland City that isn't Oakland City. For those of you unfamiliar with the Hoosier State, Very Southern Indiana is different from Southern Indiana. And VERY different from Central Indiana.

As an example, in Central Indiana, people tend not to lose their minds with signs in front of their church. In Southern Indiana, it happens, but it usually stays apolitical. In Very Southern Indiana, one sees signs like this one, which I am not making up, from First Christian Church of Petersburg (I didn't have a camera, so I have recreated it with the Simpsons Church Sign Generator):

Putting aside the separation of church and state issues, I have to think God had other things going on when Jesus died...1,743 years before there was an America for God to bless.

Also, in Very Southern Indiana, the local community theatre's signs have great potential to make you cringe. For example, you'll typically see things like:

Elnora's own
Dawn Quixote

Which I am totally making up. But today, I learned that the Veale Community Theatre is currently selling tickets for the cringe-worthy "Meshuggah-nuns!" Which I have learned is an actual show...the exclamatory fifth in the exclamatory Nunsense! series. But if you don't know that, seeing "Meshuggah-nuns!" on a sign makes you wonder how creative someone has to be to be anti-Semitic AND anti-Christian in one fell swoop. (Answer: Very Southern Indiana creative.)

Overall, the trip was great. The retreat center was beautiful, and we got some good work done. But next time, I'm bringing my passport...just in case I'm stopped on my way back into Central Indiana.


Julie said...

You should have told me you were going to Petersburg, I would have recommended Friends Tavern!

SSS said...

The goal was to get in and out of Very Southern Indiana as quickly as possible. Maybe, if I'm visiting you some time, we can do Friends Tavern together.

But I was too scurred to go it alone. :)

Cliffie said...

I suppose many of our states are like that. Michigan sure is. It's like three different states. The Southeast part, where Detroit is, is one thing. I was borned and brung up there but I ain't going back there no how no way. The West side, where I live now, is different in just about every way and the Upper Penninsula is unlike either of the above. Ain't geography interesting! Thanks for your Hoosier tour.

Cliffie said...

Oops, is there a special corner in hell for Michigan natives who don't know how to spell PENINSULA??

SSS said...

It's all good, Cliffie. Though I am a documented Spelling and Grammar Nazi, I make exceptions in the blogosphere. It's not as though we're able to proofread like we do in the real world...

Just keep the comments coming!

And I'll be back to the blog soon...

Troy said...

Might be a good idea to think of more appropriate besides than “Jesus” for this sign, like mayble “Falwell” or “Disco” (I’m just kidding about that last one, you know I love disco).