Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Go, G-Hog! Go, G-Hog! Go! Go! Go, G-Hog!"

The people of Pennsylvania have got some explaining to do.

Why is it that I am just now learning about G-Hog, the rappin' rodent who's wild about careers in healthcare?

G-Hog has just assumed his rightful place as my favorite g-hog, narrowly defeating Punxsatawney Phil.

Any resemblance between G-Hog's dancing and my own is purely coincidental, although I am, in fact, "homies with Pennsylvania's guvnah."

1 comment:

Danny said...

Do g-hogs really "eat trash from highways and practice hibernation"? Like, I get the "practice hibernation" part, but do they really eat trash from highways? And if am a g-hog (or a G-Hog) who does eat trash from highways, do I really want to acknowledge that to a hip-hop beat?