Friday, November 30, 2007

I do more before 9am..., who am I kidding?

Just because I had one 7:00am meeting, that doesn't mean I'm some fierce Army warrior. What it DOES mean is that I'm going to crash in a few hours.

BUT! Things are going pretty super, my friends.

The occasion for my laying my corrupt soul bare a couple days ago was a telephone audition for the new CBS gameshow, "Do You Trust Me?" The interview went well -- a nice half-hour conversation with a delightful person named Lacey (or Lacy or Lacie or Lacee) and I'll find out soon if they're going to pick me.

Also, we had a terrific Miracle visit last night (US: "We'd like to ask you to consider a gift of $X." THEM: "Well, yeah. At LEAST that much!"), and got some good news in a follow-up Miracle contact, too.

And my 7:00am meeting was with a contact from the Broadway neighborhood -- the big boss at one of our corporate neighbors, who, in the span of 45 minutes, impressed me as a cool, humble, strong, caring of the good guys. It comes as no surprise that the 7:00am meeting wasn't my idea, and my body didn't quite know what to do at 5:45 when I told it to wake up, but it was great to have the meeting and start building the relationship.

And it's FRIDAY! Woohoo! God is good, all the time -- and especially on Friday.


Nat said...

Too bad God and your alarm clock didn't get your butt up to take us to the airport. :)

No, you'll never live it down. It's too much fun to make fun of you.

SSS said...

Let the record reflect the numerous other trips to the airport I made for you, a grown adult who can pay the six bucks a day for parking. And one of the those trips, let the record further reflect, resulted in dog hair all freaking over my brand. New. Car.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, your honor, I believe it is clear that the airport comings and goings of Ms. Nat are no longer the concern of Mr. SSSemester.