Monday, November 19, 2007

King Juan Carlos: “¿Porqué no te callas?”

¡Esto es muy awesome!

So, last week Venezuelan President Hugo ("OOOO go, gurrrl") Chavez was going off on the former prime minister of Spain, at which point King Juan Carlos lost his cool and, in no uncertain terms, told him to shut his wordhole asked him to please be quiet.


Now, around a half million people around the world have downloaded King JC's words as their ringtone.

This is hilarious.

So you can have an angry Spaniard scream, "¿Porqué no te callas?" to announce all your incoming calls.

Es simplemente...awesome.

1 comment:

FdC-M said...

El rey Juan Carlos no debía perder su genio así. Pero ya tengo la ringtone.