Monday, November 19, 2007

Viva la vlog?

You tell there enough "there" there?

Again, the choices are:

(a) Nerdy Indianapolis resident commenting on Indianapolis current events and culture,

(b) Hip, yet churchy, church hipster commenting of faith and post-millennial life, or

(c) Hooker with a heart of gold sharing life-transforming stories of hope and inspiration.

Leave your comments here and help me decide!

And PS -- If this becomes a permanent feature, I will fix the lighting issue. Hair and make-up, I make no promises -- but lighting I can manage.

And PPS -- Does the left side of my mouth not move like that, ever? Why has no one told me this?


Stacey said...

Hooker with a heart of gold! Hooker with a heart of gold!

Matt said...

I would go with current events and culture.

Gabriel said...

What is this, "Hooker with a heart of gold"? This means a prostitute? I am not from US. I do not think you should assume the persona of a prostitute. I like stories of hope and inspiration sound good.