Saturday, December 01, 2007

Lost In Dance-lation

I am home right now -- it is 8:06pm on a Saturday, and I am watching my non-cable TV. My options are Idol Rewind, some lamer-than-lame CBS Movie of the Week starring Tom Selleck, or the NBC Radio City Music Hall 75th Anniversary Christmas Spectacular, or whatever it's called.

Guess which I have chosen.

If you guessed the lesser of three broadcast evils The Peacock, you're correct. NBCRCMH75ACS, it is!

Right now The World-Famous Radio City Music Hall Rockettes are doing a "12 Days of Christmas" number, and I'm realizing that I bet The Rockettes are pretty cool to see in person, and I imagine in the New York dance world, The Rockettes are pretty cool to be a member of. But I just don't think you get the same effect over TV. Like, the sound was slightly unsynched, and tap dancing makes a lot less sense when the clicks and clacks don't match up.

Not to mention the fact that I just found this video online and now feel betrayed that The Rockettes didn't even work up a new number for the NBCRCMH75ACS:

For you see that video was added to YouTube on 11/30/06, meaning it was shot before then, meaning the 'kettes have been tapping their hearts out to partridges and pear trees with the same choreography for at least a year.

As the man once put it so well, "Bah, humbug!"


Emily said...

I hate to disappoint, but they do the same routine every year. By the way, I auditioned for the Rockettes show my senior year of high school. I couldn't try out for the real Rockettes because you had to be at least 5'8" and they actually take out a measuring tape and measure each person.

SSS said...

My bubble is burst. But then again, I guess if you find something that works, you stick with it.

Sorry you're not 5'8" tall, Emily.