Monday, January 28, 2008

And another weird coincidence

Just last night, as I was watching FOX59's poorly timed (or wildly opportunistic) afternoon showing of Heath Ledger's 2003 thriller "The Order," I considered writing a post about how it would suck to be put in jail if you were a vampire or a sin-eater or whatever that guy in the movie was -- any immortal/undead being, really.

I mean, I would think that (except for the bloodsucking and the frequent murdering) vampires and others would probably, by necessity, be very good citizens: obeying the speed limit, not drinking and driving, showing up when called for jury duty, etc. Because if you're a vampire and you go to jail for, say, 30 years, then you're not going to age at all, and then people will start to wonder what's up, and pretty soon out come the wooden stakes and holy water. Same old story...

But as I was looking for images to include in my last post about licking and anti-depressants, I somehow coincidentally came across this article, which kind of blows my theory to pieces (literally).

It would seem that alleged Saudi Arabian lawyer, alleged pagan high priest, alleged notary public and alleged vampire Triston Jay Amero's Bolivian bombing imbroglio will allow us to test this hypothesis.

The over/under on the wooden stakes for Triston/"Lestat" is set at 20 years, and the betting windows are now open.

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