Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The Banyan

I've shared with lots of folks about the work of The Banyan, a facility for mentally ill and homeless women in Chennai. I've been learning a lot about The Banyan in the last couple days, and I'm excited to share with you some of what I've learned when I get back.

The Banyan is actually three separate facilities in Chennai. I've been to one of them so far and will be visiting another one tomorrow. Renu has been great introducing me to her friends, co-workers and patients, and I've had fun getting to know them.

In addition to the medical and psychiatric care provided at The Banyan, a variety of other services such as vocational training, social enterprise, etc., are offered. The program budget is around Rs. 40,000,000 per year -- that works out to roughly $1,000,000US. They're currently running a deficit of around $25,000US per month but they continue to provide service for the hundreds of women who depend on them.

Check out their website and watch their video -- and know that if you'd like to support what they're doing here, I'll be sending a package over to India on my return (Navin and Naren, Renu and Scott's sons, had never heard of A Christmas Story -- I'll need to remedy that immediately), so if you'd like to make a check out to The Banyan and send it to me, I'll make sure it makes its way over here.

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Nat said...

You're doing some nice work there kiddo!!
I have some news that I'll send to your email. :)