Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Six Sweetest Words: Received At Airport / Delivery Process Initiated (UPDATED)

Friends, I left Chennai with a carry-on and two suitcases.

I arrived at IND with only my carry-on.

When things got screwed up at Dulles on my way back, I had the option (at 10:00 at night, after a full 30 hours of travel) to either (1) stand in line behind 40 other people whose baggage was lost and/or held hostage because of canceled flights or (2) just go to my hotel and trust the airlines to find my bags and get them to me.

I chose (2), and while I regretted it A LOT today, not having my iPod charging cord or my shaving kit or knowing where hundreds of dollars of souvenirs from India were, I have just checked online and things are looking up! (See above.)

So I should have my bags and their contents, God willing, later this evening or some time tomorrow. Let us give great thanks for small favors and celebrate that the system has actually worked!!

UPDATE: The bags have arrived. Life is great. Souvenirs are intact. It's all good!


Sarah said...

And what can I expect?

SSS said...

Well, if the souvenir video was not enough, you'll just have to wait and see when I come visit. I'll be checking my calendar at the office this morning and proposing a couple dates for my Yuma trip in the near future.

Stay tuned!