Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Customer Go Screw Yourself Service

After the last several days of getting repeatedly and savagely hosed by the airlines and many other service providers (I'm looking at you, woman at Reagan Airport's Maui Tacos who wouldn't make me a quesadilla at 8:30 because it's not on the breakfast menu, even though it's the same damn thing as a breakfast burrito, just without as much stuff inside) and the legendarily horrific service I received at the Meijer today, I have decided that perhaps I don't want to be a customer anymore.


Is it possible to live my life in such a way that minimizes my reliance on others to provide me with goods and services in exchange for money and other commodities? I suppose it would involve learning actual skills (such as farming, hunting, maybe refining oil into fuel, making my own clothes, cooking, etc.) which I do not currently possess. And perhaps a walled compound.

Of course, that would all also be good preparation for the coming Zombie Apocalypse, so maybe I should look into it.

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