Monday, January 21, 2008

Emergency! (Not right now, but what if?)

Recent events have led me to re-evaluate some stuff.

One component of said "stuff" is my emergency preparedness plan, of which I shall share two important parts with you right now.

Part the First: Emergency Contact Info
As someone who is living single, this seems pretty important. In case of an emergency where I'm, like, verbally incapacitated, there is (now) a list of emergency contact numbers on my refrigerator at home. So, like, assuming you have the key to my house, just go to the fridge and you'll be able to contact immediate family and (immediate) friends.

Most of the contacts listed are in or around the Crossroads of America, but just in case I and the emergency response teams are the only survivors in the greater Indianapolis area, I have also cleverly included contact info for family friends in Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia (which is really just a phone list for me in case my cellie ever dies, but still, better safe than sorry, right?).

Part the Second: Plan Z
As I was pondering the Emergency situations above, I started thinking further about my personal zombie response plan, which I am calling Plan Z. The more I think about this the smarter it seems, so I think that perhaps even before purchasing a home in the Indy area, I might start looking at developing a compound of very tiny houses in the Middle of Nowhere, somewhere near a plentiful supply of fresh water -- maybe somewhere on a lake in Canada. (The cold immobilizes zombies, you know.) Who's in?

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