Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Entertaining Angel(a)s Unawares

I'm at the grocery store buying food for this guy that came to the food pantry at Broadway today, and as I'm walking to my car this old woman (like 75 or 80 years old) goes, "Excuse me, are you going far?" and I'm like, "WTF?"

But I say "No, I just have to be at 20th and Meridian in 20 minutes. Do you need a ride?" (What the what? Who said that?!)

Anyway, she introduces herself as Angela and gets in my car, and as she's getting in my car, I go, "You're not going to carjack me, are you, Angela?" and she goes, "No." (Later, as I realized this was the second time in less than a week that I've asked that question of a potential passenger without irony, I wondered if anyone who IS going to carjack you actually answers that question honestly up front.)

And we're driving to where she needs to be and I go, "How long were you waiting there and how many people did you ask for a ride?" She goes, "Oh, I'd been waiting a while and a lot of people walked by, but you were the first person I asked."

So I go, "How did you know to ask me?" and she goes, "Oh, God gives me intuitions about things like that. He leads me to other Christians. What do you do for a living, son?"

Me: "I work at a church."

Her: "See?"

Me: "..."

What the what?


Cliffie said...

A sweet story. Thanks for posting it.


Anonymous said...

I love that.

jss said...

Ok, first question: Were you wearing your work nametag? Well, there's not really a second question... so I'll just leave it at that. :) Nice story and she sure picked a nice person to help her out.

SSS said...

Haha! Two things:

First, I don't have a work nametag.

Second...well, I guess not having a second thing runs in the family. :)