Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Freaky-deaky freak-out

This evening, on the way home, I was contemplating my awesomeness, as usual. (I have remarkably high self-esteem for a guy who, on paper, really ought not.)

Anyway, the John Tesh Radio Program (don't ask) featured a story about resumes and I started thinking about my own. What I was specifically focusing on was the update I need to make to my resume (even though the position I'm in right now is envisioned as at least a five-year position and I'm only one year into it and I'm really not thinking at all about changing jobs, because come on, the job I have is pretty awesome) about being a member of Mensa and the National Eagle Scouts Association, since neither of those is currently on there.

And THEN I started thinking about the small number of awesome people who are in Mensa, and the small number of awesome people who are Eagle Scouts, and the awesome Venn diagram of smallness of awesome people who are BOTH in Mensa AND Eagle Scouts. And I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I might figure out how special I was (you know, beyond my typical hypothesis of "I am VERY special."), doing math in my head:

  • There are currently 50,000 members of American Mensa, but since it's for people in the top 2% of IQ, more than 6 million people are actually eligible.

  • More than one million people have earned the Eagle Scout rank -- but that's since it started in 1911.

  • So, out of 50,000 American Mensa members, probably half (= 25,000) are men.

  • And of those 25,000 men, maybe a third to half were involved in Scouting. We'll say 12,500 to be conservative. And approximately 5 to 8% of those involved in Scouting attain the rank of Eagle. So let's say 1,000 people are currently both members of Mensa AND Eagle Scouts which is probably a high estimate, but which really doesn't matter for the purpose of this post. All that really matters is the fact that I was seriously contemplating my Mensa-ness and my Eagle-ness...
Because here's the freaky-deaky freak-out part:

When I went to the mailbox immediately after that to see what the letter carrier had brought today, I discovered two pieces of mail and two pieces of mail only: The Mensa bimonthly magazine and the National Eagle Scout Association's "Eagletter" quarterly newsletter.

Dun dun DUN!

What the what?!

I know!


Emily said...

with that said, I think you would enjoy this poster.

SSS said...

That's awesome!

And true. :)