Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So now, in addition to the Zombie Apocalypse, I have to worry about a very real Alien Apocalypse.

New footage from the Mars Explorer Spirit showed this:

Which, close up, is this:

I always felt it rather ethnocentric that we would assume that aliens look like humans. I mean, like, bauplan-wise. They have their differences (Klingon head ridges, pointy Vulcan ears, etc.) but, you know, two arms, two legs, a head, all that.

I've just now realized that my knowledge of alien morphology comes pretty heavily from Star Trek, and, really, if you're a writer on a sci-fi series in Hollywood, a town populated by (mostly) humans, you probably have to come up with alien life forms that can be acted out by humans.

But anyway. Add Martian Attack to the emergency plan. So, with Aliens and Zombies, I guess I have to change Plan Z to "Plan A to Z."

I'll publish a comprehensive review at the earliest convenience. (Bonus preview: An isolated Canadian compound still sounds pretty good.)

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K.T. said...

Your friend Meredith Vieira actually talked about this picture this morning on the Today show. Now I realize that it is this blog that I need to go to for all breaking news, especially when it involves aliens or zombies.

I have always heard crazy stories from people and I usually say, "Really? Where did you hear that? Was it on the news?" Now I'll have to change my questions to include "Did you read it on Scott's Blog?"