Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

In which the blogger celebrates the passing of 2007 into 2008

We had a TERRIFIC New Year's Eve!

After working at The Banyan in the morning (I did a fundraising presentation and Renu worked with her patients), we came home and I caught a nice nap. When I woke up, I learned that we had been invited by a friend of the Weiss family to a New Year's Eve party. So we all got dressed up (well, they got dressed up -- all I had was a long-sleeve, casual button-up shirt and I wore one of Scott Weiss's ties, so I looked a bit like a kid going to his friend's bar mitzvah) and headed over to the Madras Boat Club for the party. Even though Chennai is now Chennai, there's a lot of stuff that still says "Madras" -- the Boat Club, for example.

From almost the second we got there, Renu had us out on the dance floor, where we enjoyed Tamil, Hindi and American music until the DJ took a break. During his break, we had some dinner and then when the music started up again, we were back out on the dance floor. The dance floor was a platform erected on the water by the Boat Club -- even though it was packed, it was very safe. Unfortunately, at another New Year's party here in India, a similar dance floor platform set up was not as sturdy, and a very bad accident happened.

At midnight, the DJ played "The Final Countdown" -- the real version, not the cello version -- and fireworks went off right above us. (Like, literally probably 20 feet above us.) We danced some more and then headed home around 1:15 a.m.

Yesterday (New Year's Day), we decided to have a low-key holiday. We watched two of the movies I brought with me (the final two installments of the Bourne trilogy) and then I took the Weiss family out to dinner. We went to Gallopin' Gooseberry, an American restaurant in Chennai -- we had burgers and pasta and sandwiches and then a great spread for dessert -- two of us had chocolate mousse, two of us had chocolate mousse cake, and one of us (me) had key lime cheesecake.

Today, we're back at The Banyan and we'll be doing some fundraising talks. I just got off the phone with the good folks (ha!) at Qatar Airways and I may or may not be home as scheduled. Because of the tomfoolery on the front end of my trip, my return got canceled, and I've been able to confirm myself on a Chennai-Doha flight on Sunday, but I may have to sweet-talk my way onto the Doha-Dulles flight. Either that, or start learning Arabic, because who knows how long I'll be in Doha. (Just kidding, Mom.) Anyway, if anybody from Broadway is reading this, my return to work may be a day or two later than previously predicted. I'll be in touch as soon as I know anything for sure!

Anyway, Happy New Year to everyone -- see you soon!


Nat said...

Very nice! You went pretty high class there kiddo. Much more dancing than the party basement. BTW, I will have to kill you for the sports Scene It. Death is coming.

JL said...

Great that your love of dancing has now been spread to another continent! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!!