Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How awesome is my mom? Seriously awesome.

A note from my mother, presented without editing:

Hi Bugs,

It was great to talk with you this evening...and I remembered what it was I was going to tell you!

I've been working ever so hard to get to Level 51 in the Free Rice game...getting mighty discouraged that I couldn't get that far! Then I looked at the FAQ's and found there is no 51! 50 is as high as it goes....so now I've sort of lost interest. Guess I'll still have to rack up some grains of rice for the program, but it's not nearly as challenging now!

OK, that's it....love you lots...Mom

How cool that my mom (a) has made it to Level 50 on FreeRice.com, (b) uses the phrase "I've been working ever so hard" without irony, (c) has been working her tail off to get to the nonexistent Level 51 on FreeRice.com, (d) knows that you can find out things on the intermajig through the FAQ's, and (e) has "sort of lost interest," even though she'll still (somewhat grudgingly) "rack up some grains of rice for the program."



Stace said...

That IS awesome! "ever so hard" and "mighty discouraged" -- who talks like that these days? Supersweet!

Niki said...

Your mom is cool.

Anonymous said...

Where did the nickname "Bugs" come from? Is it because you are a fan of bugs or something to do with Bugs Bunny?

SSS said...


When I was little, I was Mom's little "Doodlebug" and that evolved into "Bugs" or "Bugsy" (or, only if you're my brother, "Bugsimus").

My brother, whose name is JJ but who was Jim growing up, is occasionally referred to as "Jigs" or "Jigsy" or "Jigsimus," all having as their root "Bugs."