Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lessons from the Contemporary Church

Fortunately, God didn't stop speaking after the last book of the Bible was written.

God's word is shared within, among, and through us every day, and Broadway UMC has a creative approach to telling that story. Sometimes three scripture texts are read in worship, but sometimes one of them is replaced with a Lesson from the Contemporary Church: a reflection or meditation from someone in the parish -- a member of the congregation, a neighbor, etc.

I'm telling you about this because last week we started including them as MP3s alongside the sermon MP3s on the Broadway website.

And because you should go here now and listen to them.

The two on there now are powerful messages from two very different individuals who call Broadway home (which, in and of itself, is a difference-canceler, if there is such a thing ... Seana and Marnie look different and come from different backgrounds and generations, but their commitment to Broadway Parish is a super-strong commonality that overshadows other differences).

Seriously. Do yourself a favor and listen to them right now.

(Did you listen to them yet?)

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