Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Missing Money (.com)

Get thee to

Do not wait. Do not grab a light, healthy snack first. Neither dawdle nor dilly nor dally. Go. There. Now.

I recently saw an ad for, the program from the IN Attorney General's office that tells you if you've got any money or other property awaiting you. So I went there and was not surprised to find nothing waiting for me.


I somehow made my way to -- a similar, but national, search tool -- and found that there is over $100 waiting for me in Minnesota! I started my PayPal account when I lived there, and apparently PayPal somehow screwed its members and there was some settlement, which I remember, but I guess they tried to send me some money and it never made its way to me (since I lived in MN five or six years ago). But in the "Value of Property" column on MM, all it said was "Over $100." So I shall soon be "Over $100" to the good...although how much "Over" I have no idea. And you could be, too! Go check it out!

Did you check it out yet?

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Meana said...

Congrats...that's exciting! Sadly, I don't have any money coming to me.