Friday, January 25, 2008

...Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom: lettuce be...

It all started when my mom e-mailed me a link to

I have learned that this weekend is Yuma Lettuce Days!

Why am I not there, you ask? Excellent question.

Because the Yumans I know and love failed to let me know that:
(a) Yuma is the Winter Lettuce Capital of the World, producing over 90% of the vegetables we Americans eat during the winter, and

(2) Each year such winter lettuce is celebrated with a weekend-long festival, and

(further) This year, in celebration of the 10th Annual Yuma Lettuce Days, part of the festivities will include the (undocumented, but still impressive) World's Largest Salad Bowl. I have been unable to determine whether it will be filled with the World's Largest Salad. But just the thought, man -- that's one big salad.
So I e-mailed a group of friends, Yuman and non-Yuman alike, lamenting my absence from the big, big lettuce party, and one friend wrote back reiterating the widely held belief that "You don't win friends with salad."

To which Sarah, one of my Yuma friends (whom I've never met in person, but whom I've gotten to know through the World Wide Webchamacallit), replied: "In Yuma... you're nothing if you're not in the salad business. So, yes, in Yuma you can make friends with salad."

Which makes me envision some sort of Salad Mafia. (Although they apparently prefer the term "Salad Cabal" and use "salad" as a verb.)


Meana said...

Perhaps it's not realisic to head to the Yuma lettuce festival this weekend, but there's still time to make the antique and collectible show in evansville or the art show in columbus, OH. even as I type this I recognize these shows as too mainstream for this blog!

SSS said...

Oh, Meana -- "The collectible show in Evansville"? There is so much wrong with that five-word phrase.

We have GOT to get you out of Greencastle. For your own good.

Jon said...

Well, since you've linked to my myspace page, I guess I better spruce it up, since my hit count will probably sextuple overnight!

SSS said...

Haha! Don't say "sextuple" -- my blog is already banned from the Yuma school system's computers...

Sarah "Romaine" Bisom said...

I must sadly report that the Yuma Lettuce Days Festival was cut short one day due to a little rain. Even the snow birds were let down. They still came out in force donning rain gear. A little rain and people freak out.

Ahh well... at least I can park my car near my apartment again.

BTW, I e-mailed the district to see what the block was about (besides Jon's sextuple comment). I doubt they will return my e-mail though.