Thursday, January 31, 2008

Storm of the Century of the Week!

Central Indiana is currently bracing for exactly one crapload of severe winter weather. Around midnight, a band of snow, ice, and WINTRY MIX! will bear down on Indy and the surrounding area.

In the picture at right, meteorologist Ollie Williams Chris Wright (previously referenced here) is illustrating how royally snowed in we're going to be in a matter of hours.

Luckily for me, my friend Mikey from Washington made good use of my wishlist (conveniently located in the left-hand sidebar) and sent me a belated Christmas / survive-the-Storm-of-the-Century-of-the-Week Alfred Hitchcock movie giftpack.

So even if I'm trapped at home for tomorrow into the weekend, I've got plenty of Hitchcockertainment to keep me going. I'm stocked up on popcorn and soda -- I'm all set!

Now, let me share with you the other snappy ad on the Channel 13 website, which will no doubt keep me entertained this evening:

I can NOT EVEN IMAGINE what he found in the ice. If it's anything like what that other guy found in those hotel rooms, I don't even want to know.

I will definitely be watching. (Instant Update: A commercial just came on with Bob Segall holding up two glasses of water: "This one came from a toilet! This one came from restaurant ice! Which one is more likely to make you sick? Tune in at 11 to see!" Don't worry, Bob -- I'll be there.)


Meana said...

I hope that I didn't miss the ice story...I know that couldn't have been the lead story! As for the snow storm, why are all these schools already closed? It's like living in North Carolina again. What if it's like 2 of the last 3 storms they've predicted where we've not had much snow at all? I'm disillusioned with the news these days...

SSS said...

Did you watch it? It was all about coliform bacteria in the ice because of poor ice-handling and whatnot. Blech. No ice for me from now on. (Although I say that now...there's no way I'll live without ice forever!)

Meana said...

I thought is I've gone all these years drinking restaurant ice and it's not made me sick so far. I'm not boycotting the ice.

K.T. said...

Did you know that Chris Wright is a mystery writer? Perhaps something to add to your Amazon wish list.

Not "Small Mediums at Large" or anything, but still...pretty good for a weather guy.

SSS said...

Must be something in the water at WTHR. Tom Cochrun, longtime anchor and news director there, is also a mystery writer!