Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet Fancy Moses!

The weather, she is severe!

Typically, when there's more red than green on the SkyTrak Doppler Radar, and when the part that isn't red is yellow-orange, things are bad.

Very, very bad.

Luckily, the heavy precipitation (rain and hail) is over.

But the cause of this hellweather (the cold front bringing in major cold weather) is now bringing extremely low temps and high winds, gusting up to 68 mph. The high temp today was 52˚F. It's supposed to get down to 12˚F tonight. (PLUS the high winds. And the snow. My God, the snow! The forecast is calling for near-white-out conditions around midnight.)

Text from me to friend: I think we made it through this part. Is next: Snow!

Text from friend to me: WTF. This state has bipolar.

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jss said...

Update: We did have near-white-out conditions around midnight... and one o'clock.... and two... oh, and don't forget the ice that formed from the rain and tornados a half hour earlier. The official temperature drop was 50 degrees in 8 minutes... ummm, I think. :) Tonight was complete validation of the old joke: "If you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait 10 minutes."