Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This ad makes me crazy

I am haunted by this ad for two reasons:

First, why would you go to this place and pay a fee to get a loan against your tax refund? If you have all the forms and information you need to get through their process, then you have all the forms and information you need to get through the IRS process, and with direct deposit from the IRS, things move pretty quickly. I guess this is, like, the income-tax equivalent of payday-advance loans, which also enrage me.

Second, this ad makes me crazy because of the back-up singers. "X-press Refunds!" they sing, and then the soloist comes in with "Why should you wait?" Which I guess I'm OK with, except it kind of gets stuck in my head. The crazy-making part is the stinger at the end: "X-press Refunds!" the choir reliably chimes in, and then the soloist belts out "FISCAL TAX!" And all I can think of, every time I hear this ad on the radio or see it on TV, is the singer who earns a living by wailing out corporate names like that. It makes me mocky, and then it makes me sad, and then it makes me angry because "X-press Refunds! FISCAL TAX!" is stuck in my head for hours.

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Cliffie said...

You're right, this is crazy-making. The triple digit interest rate some of these outfits charge is insane. There oughta be a law.