Saturday, January 19, 2008

To Infinity And Beyond! Please Drive Thru.

Over a delightful, if a touch noisy, dinner at Marco's (home of the Tuesday Night Half-Price Filet Special) tonight, my friend KT told me about her co-worker's recent experience at the Plainfield Chick-Fil-A.*

Apparently, on placing her order at the drive-thru, she realized that her order-taker was not mere feet away, staffing the cash register and occasionally agitating the Fryalator. No, her order-taker at the drive-thru was THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY, at a call center in India.

"NO WAY!" I replied, loud enough to cause the couple at the table rightontopofus next to us to flinch a little and then glare passive-aggressively.

Apparently, it's true. Fast-food places have found that it's cheaper and faster to have you speak into the clown's mouth, route your words via the Inter-Web-o-Tron to Bangalore, have the person there enter your order on their computer, and InterWeb it back to the restaurant, where your order shows up on the screen.

I just don't know.

*Remind me to write about the various pronunciations of "Chick-Fil-A" I've heard in my lifetime. Thank God KT said it right tonight.

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Meana said...

CRAZY...Let's not make this our business venture please!