Thursday, January 31, 2008

WAHOO! (Or, more accurately: WAH,000!)

Back in October, I asked for your help in getting my monthly hits over 1,000, as I was hovering in the high 900's and couldn't make the leap.

Immediately thereafter (I do enjoy the word "thereafter"), however, I experienced a stunning DIP in viewership. That is, by January 10, I had fewer than 600 views in the previous 30 days. There were graphs and everything to prove my utter failure as an internet marketer.

Of course, I kept mum on that because who wants to look like an idiot after putting it out there: "Hey, help me get more hits!" and then the hits actually go down.


I am proud to report, dear readers, that you have made the difference. Together we have turned the corner, and I am able to report my first 1,000-hit, 30-day period. And there's graphs and everything! Dig:

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