Thursday, March 20, 2008

What really counts

Look, I know you don't watch all the videos that I put on this blog. Hell, sometimes I don't watch the whole video before posting it. (Which, then, makes me freak out because maybe there's this one guy on YouTube who took the video for Janet Jackson's "If" and kept the first two minutes the same and then inserted a video of himself having a birthday party for his twelve cockapoos and then kept the last two minutes of the video the same and now I've posted some lame video. So far, that hasn't happened, but I worry.)

Anyway -- This is the one video. You have to watch this video. Watch it! Did you watch it yet? Watch the video and then check out the comments.


SSS said...

You've watched the video, right?

If you haven't watched the video, watch it before you read these comments.

Did you watch it yet?


I did NOT see the moonwalking bear the first time I watched the video. In fact, I rewound to the beginning because I absolutely REFUSED to believe that there was a bear there.

Here's the thing -- this video is not just about cyclists. It's about, I think, what we talk about at Broadway and what others who are engaged in asset-based community or personal development talk about. If you are only looking for needs and deficiencies, that's what you'll see. But if you're open to other things -- such as gifts, talents, interests, dreams, cyclists, moonwalking bears -- you'll see them, too.

jss said...

Yes, I watched the video. It's hilarious! I did the same thing you did - rewind to the beginning. I was so caught up in watching what I thought I was supposed to watch, that I completely missed something hilarious. You also make a great point that we see what we want to see - or possibly what others direct us toward seeing. If it hadn't been for the directions, I probably would have seen the moonwalking bear the first time through. My drive to get the correct answer forced me to pay so close attention to the passes that I completely went into tunnel vision mode. Great video!

Meana said...

Ok, I saw SOMETHING, but wouldn't have been able to identify a bear or moonwalking. I believe it's what distracted me from getting the correct answer (I thought it was 11).

But you're right, we need to be looking for the strengths. Which is what I'm trying to take from the Tolle book to apply to my work. I'm finding that a personal development focus is difficult to reconcile in a results-based place. But I'm working on it. It's a process, not a product, right?