Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Authors you should be reading but aren't

If you don't like to read, you can skip this post. I'm no book critic, although I helped edit a story for an upcoming book (Congrats, Nat!), but here, in no particular order, are some recommendations for folks you ought to be reading these days.

Etgar Keret, short-story and graphic-novel author.

Laura Hurwitz, children's author/hilarious blogger. Also mother of Jake from Jake and Amir (.com).

David Sedaris, essayist and NPRist. This guy Clif in Michigan calls him America's greatest humorist. wonders why young people call him America's greatest humorist. I am willing to agree. happen to think Sedaris is up there with the best of them.

Mari Evans, poet and professor. Part of the Broadway family.

Mimi Smartypants (nom de blog), internet diarist.

Doree Shafrir, reporter, blogger, and founder of Postcards from Yo Momma.

Scott Dierdorf, dad, dot-com product developer (?) and blogger.

Barton M. Biggs, former chief global strategist at Morgan Stanley and current author of the postmodern survivalist tome "Wealth, War, and Wisdom," which I have just added to my Amazon Wish List (see above, left).


Cliffie said...

It was not I who named David and/or Amy as our greatest humorists. I merely quoted the young and cool fans of NPR and Ira Glass, who apparently brought Sedaris to fame. I can't handle David's voice and delivery at all. Remind me to blog about that.

Michigan Clif

SSS said...

Ah! I -- and my misreading -- stand corrected.