Friday, April 25, 2008

Face Facts

This morning I learned about a free-to-use site called FaceStat, where you upload a pic of yourself and then they pay people (like, other random strangers) to evaluate you on a variety of factors such as your marital status, age, etc., based solely on your picture.

They call it "market research for the individual."

Curious, I uploaded a picture, and the six people who have evaluated me so far think I'm a funny, trustworthy, chunky, married 39-year-old with above average intelligence. Based on the one pic I uploaded.

It could be far worse, I guess -- although they don't really agree on anything (except that the statements "This person is male" and "This person is intoxicated" are true and false, respectively). The description above is a majority-rules analysis of the votes so far.

One of them even guessed my (blond-haired and blue-eyed) ethnicity as Native American. So you get even less than what you pay for, I guess.

Here's an example of what they guessed of my relationship status:

Which, huh? Not a single vote is correct there.

This FaceStat episode was just the first of two face-related awakenings today. I clicked over to the Broadway website and found this picture of me in the slideshow rotator thingy on the homepage:

Which, come on. There do exist cheesier pictures of me, but not very many.

What, exactly, do you suppose it means that I am fascinated with my face today?


Sarah said...

People think you can't be that happy if you are single. Married people like to tell themselves they made the right choice. :)

SSS said...

I tend to agree.

SSS said...

I tend to agree.