Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Social Network Has Rules, Scott!

I attended a workshop last week about "Web 2.0" and using various social networking sites to promote and connect your business or not-for-profit organization. One of the sites mentioned in the workshop was Smaller Indiana, a social networking site designed to "make creative people and innovative ideas easier to find."

I signed up for an account and after being approved (!), I started toying around with the page and seeing what does what. The thing encouraged me to start a Smaller Indiana blog, so I put on the Smaller Indiana blog the same thing that I had on my personal blog -- the MLK+RFK event announcement.

When I went back a couple hours later, I had no blog posted but I did have a message from Pat Coyle, the site creator:

I had to take down your event announcement from your blog. Please use the event calendar, or the fourm "events for creative class" to announce events. We're trying to keep blogs focused on insights, opinions and discussion rather than advertising.

Now, I can understand that this community to which I am new has rules, and it's my responsibility to learn them. And I've also just now found out that when you post to your personal blog on Smaller Indiana, it immediately posts to the Smaller Indiana homepage (which I did not know).

But basically, you have to use your words and, from the sound of things, you have to be pithy enough to not get chucked. For example, according to the latest blog posts on the Smaller Indiana homepage, you have to be able to talk about stuff like these people:
  • Some guy telling you why your e-mail doesn't work and offering a potentially helpful, potentially stupid solution: Do nothing.
  • A woman who is writing her first blog.
  • A man who is voting for Obama (whose first name he misspells "Barak") in part because in his speeches, he says "we" more and Clinton's speeches use "I" more.
  • A woman from Ohio (I think?) who is, in fact, advertising an event -- which, if I'm reading Pat's message correctly means that her post is out-of-bounds, too. And yet, there it is.
I'm not sure I'm long for Smaller Indiana. It doesn't really feel good so far, although I did connect with a long-lost friend's brother and found out that she (my long-lost friend) and her husband have twins!

So that's something, right?

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K.T. said...

Is "Pat" the one from Saturday Night Live?