Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Updatito sobre Alfredito

That's "a little update on little Alfredo" -- stop me if my Spanish lingo gets too complex for you.

At the hospital this evening, I talked with Antonia and discovered that, if you think decoding and responding to Spanish is hard, you should try decoding and responding to medical Spanish delivered through tears and sobbing.

Seems that Alfredo's having some trouble with his right lung, and the hospital folks have put in a(nother) tube to help drain some yellow fluid from it. His kidneys are still on the fritz, so he continues to need dialysis and his blod is clotting so quickly that they've had some trouble with the dialysis machine.

Bottom line at this point is keep praying for Alfredito's overall health, and specifically his kidneys and lungs. Also pray for some rest for his mom, Antonia. She has not slept well for going-on-several-days now.

¡Gracias, amigos! I'll give you another update as I learn more.

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