Monday, May 05, 2008

Bottoms up?

I didn't have a beer until after my 21st birthday. I've never done a shot. Wine mostly makes my head hurt. I don't really have any interest in drinking, and I believe this makes me a bit of a freak among my peers.

I mean, I guess as a professional fundraiser, I should have at least a passing interest in wine, and as somebody who tries, when in Rome, to do as the Romans do, I should be able to drink a beer and/or buy a lady a bottle of champagne. (That's a story for another time, friend.)

But it has lately become more and more evident that my teetotalism is quite the exception.

I recently went to an information session for an association of young professionals who were trying to recruit new members, and the guy in charge referenced drinking five times in about 40 minutes. ("We had our major launch last week and the best part was the open bar." "Our webmaster is a volunteer -- to get the site updated, I just have to buy him a couple drinks." "Our first major member event is a winetasting." "The organization was founded by four drinking buddies." "Our big fundraiser is a microbrew festival. I can't wait!") I am not exaggerating.

Two or three other incidents have reinforced how odd I am because I do not drink (and am also not a recovering alcoholic).

Am I the only one for whom drinking is not "part of the game"?


jss said...

That's ok. I'll be making up for what you don't drink. You have nothing to worry about. You and Mom are balancing out the average for the Semesters! :-)

Anonymous said...

Dude, I think you should totally reconsider the shots. In fact, I'll do one with you. Like, in about 5 months or so.

Marc said...

Scott! I don't drink either...and totally know what you're saying here. I also had both kidney's removed and have to use a computer chip to help me pee...but I don't drink!

(in all seriousness-I don't drink...not for moral reasons, or health reasons or anything like's just too damn expensive! And I don't know why people look at me like I'm Michael Jackson with a kid on my knee when I order a coke at the bar!)