Thursday, May 15, 2008

The gauntlet, she is thrown down!

This is a 30-second video of my newest co-worker, Max McAleavey. (His mother, Karen, also works with us.) Adorable, right?

But what you should really take away from this is that I am deeply disappointed in my brother and sister-in-law, for they have not yet provided internettable video of Madelynn. JJ and Beth, I shall expect video soon -- I'll even go in on the Flip Video with you!

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jss said...

The good news is that we have video. The bad news is that I'm a caveman (no offense is intended to any living cavemen or cave women) when it comes to uploading videos to my computer. I think that I am even more challenged at uploading them to somewhere on the internet. If you guide us through it, we will gladly share our highly coveted stash of Madelynn home videos... of course, there's a steep price tag attached.