Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harvey Korman, you will be missed.

Comedy lost a legend today: Harvey Korman died at age 81.

Here's some classic Korman-and-Conway:

A dollar to the person who can explain why watching Harvey Korman break up mid-sketch is hilarious, but when it was Jimmy Fallon or Horatio Sanz on SNL, it's infuriating.


Clifton said...

Call it chemistry, Scott. That wonderful, just a few times in a lifetime thing that happens as it did between Harvey, Carol and Tim. I hope the media historians rate Harvey and friends as some of the greatest comedy ever to appear on the tube.

K.T. said...

So, here is my answer for the big dollar....

The reason it was so hilarious when Harvey Korman broke up mid-sketch is because you knew he was breaking up because of something new and unrehearsed. A new punchline or gesture/facial expression from Tim Conway that they had just come up with on the spot.

With Jimmy Fallon, you get the feeling that he is laughing at the same joke he wrote 6 days ago and has rehearsed all week. Nothing new, he just still thinks he is funny.