Sunday, May 18, 2008

Is this a real thing?

This evening when I was leaving the church choir party, a couple were riding their bikes right past me and the man said something that made the woman exclaim, "Outstanding!"

Which made me think about the old joke that a farmer is a man out standing in his field.

When I got home, I started visiting websites that I hadn't visited in a while, and the very first one I visited was Mimi Smartypants. Every blog entry that Mimi writes, she signs with a funny or random phrase ("mimi smartypants steps through the fog and creeps through the smog." or "mimi smartypants left bitemarks on your piano." or "mimi smartypants sets it and forgets it. "), and today's was:

mimi smartypants is out standing in her field.

So, is this sort of synchronicity something to be aware of and use for evil good? Or is it just a coincidence?

Seriously, can this be exploited?

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