Thursday, May 08, 2008

Long time, no blog. Here's a thinker of a video.

This is the intro to Benson, the mid-80s sitcom spin-off about a butler who, ultimately, becomes lieutenant governor. It raises some significant questions -- five or more of them, to be exact:

  • What was it about the mid-80s that gave us so many theme song/intros featuring two doberman pinschers?
  • This is one of the earlier seasons of Benson's theme song. You can tell because of how young Katie (Missy Gold) is and by the presence of Caroline McWilliams and Lewis J. Stadlen and the absence of Didi Conn and Rene Auberjonois. Why do I know this, and what do you think I'm unable to do as a result of the brain space that is taken up by this knowledge?
  • Does it come as any shock that my concept of "German accent" comes from Inga Swenson's Gretchen Kraus character?
  • This synopsis of the series indicates that Benson ended up running for governor against Governor Gatling, whom he had faithfully served lo, these many years. The whole butler-becomes-lieutenant-governor-of-Minnesota plotline is totally believeable, but that series finale plot twist is undisbeliefsuspendable, right?
  • Why is the screencap for this video Marcy (Caroline McWilliams) twirling in the governor's mansion's kitchen? You'd think it would be Robert Guillaume. And why do I know how to spell Robert Guillaume's last name without looking it up?

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