Thursday, May 08, 2008

New facial statistics

Home, slightly sick, and very bored, I just now put another one of my pictures on, to be rated by total strangers. The cool thing is that FaceStat has made some upgrades, so rather than "Attractive: True/False," or "Trustworthy: True/False," there's a range of choices. Also, they've added a feature where you can write one word to describe the person in the pic.

Here's what the strangers think of my Blogger profile pic. Finally, they've gotten closer on ethnicity and age than on my previous tries. And the one-word answers so far: specs (because o' my glasses, I guess), laidback, happy, cheerful, business, and then the real stumpers: pharmacist, salesrep and -- wait for it -- footballcoach.

You tell me. Because, come on.

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