Monday, May 12, 2008

Roller rink?! I don't even know 'er rink!

A friend acquaintance friend of mine is moving to Philadelphia in a week, and he had a farewell party at World of Wheels roller skating rink this evening.

Meana and I showed up around 7:00, laced up our skates and rolled right in. With a touch of falling but mostly remaining upright, we had a blast!

The highlights:
  • The DJ played 70s & 80s music all night long. When we weren't skating we were dancing the night away.
  • I got to see Jim Bridenstine, a friend from high school whom I've only seen once in the last 17 years! And I met his fiancee Rachel, too -- what a great surprise!
  • A Spec. Tac. Ular. fall, committed by yours truly, during an ill-timed "hop two times" in the middle of the Cha Cha Slide. I was skating and dancing ("skancing," if you will) and I managed to land the first hop, continue forward and was airborne for the second hop, but I failed to stick the landing. I proceeded to just barely land and then instantly my feet flew forward and I was horizontal, in mid-air, about three feet off the rink. Fortunately, I have some built-in padding, and I think I'm gonna be OK.
  • I made friends with a beautiful one-year-old named Hazel, with whom I played peek-a-boo and general smile-trading throughout my non-skating time. What an awesome kid!
  • A fun time with a ton of people enjoying each other's company in what is perhaps the World's Most Wholesome Farewell Party.

Viva la roller rink!


Emily said...

Sounds awesome, but would have been even more awesome had you gone to the ghetto United Skates of America.

SSS said...

Trust me, Wheels of Wonder is just about on-par, ghetto-wise, with the USofA.

And watch the ghetto comments, Em -- there's a USofA less than two miles from my house! :)

Meana said...

Very gracious of you to not record my Spec. Tac. Ular falls and near falls. Thanks! I agree that the music and Hazel were the highlights along with the person who thanked you at the end for being part of the entertainment!